Meet Dr. Olesya: Owner and Doctor

Dr Olesya Salathe Molalla Dentist

Welcome to our new blog! We’re excited to share with you weekly posts where you can learn more about our office, the services we offer, get to know us and some just for fun posts too!  But first and foremost, we’d love you to meet Dr. Olesya, oue head dentist, owner, and visionary.

Many of you know Dr. Olesya, but we want you to get to know her a little better!

Enjoy our interview with Dr. Olesya, and get to know what really makes her work so hard at work and at home with family.

Q: First, tell us about your family.

Husband: Scott
Son: Hudson
Daughter: Lylah
3 dogs: Gunner, Scout and Marshall
2 horses: Amber and Zar
1 Royal pot belly pig: Floppy
1 cat: Ginger

Q: What are some fun things you guys like to do together?

We live in Colton and love traveling, exploring, gardening (though this new dental building caused us to take a break this year!). Hudson plays baseball and football, Scott coaches Hudson’s teams, Lylah takes dance classes, and our whole family loves drawing and art!

Q: When did you first become interested in becoming “Dr. Olesya, Dentist Extraordinaire”?

There are two, very vivid and very distinct memories from my childhood that take me back to my first experiences with teeth!

Dr Olesya as a child

  1. My first memory was from the Soviet Union days. My aunt took me to the dentist and we stood in line for hours. I had the most terrible experience and remember the ladies being so stern and mean. I cried all the way out of there! But who knows, maybe I was a terrible kid to begin with ?.
  2. The second memory is of the American dentist. She was so nice and sweet! I got a sucker at the end. (Hmmm…now as a dentist myself I wonder if I have my memories mixed up with the physicians!)

Bad vs. Good, Sad vs. Happy. The juxtaposition of these two events really are the catalyst to me making that decision at eight years old to become a dentist!  There is even that home video at the age of 12, standing on top of “Pill” hill in Portland and my tiny voice saying “Someday, I will go to school here and become a dentist!”  Dreams really do come true for some kids!

Q: Did you think or plan on owning your own practice someday?

My mom was the constant parent who saved every piece of artwork, card or gift that we have ever given her.  I have come to appreciate that fact about her, especially when she brought out a list that I wrote down while I was in high school.

(check) Go to College (George Fox was my dream!)

(check) Get my degree

(check) Go to dental school (I ended up on the “Pill” hill!)

(check) Become an associate (Thanks, Dr. Puffer!)

(check) Buy my own office

(check) Get my own equipment and instruments (I don’t understand my reasoning for buying a practice first and not getting instruments with it!)

(check) Marry and have a family (Somehow this was low on my list but I accomplished both of these before getting my degree and then had my kids before finishing dental school!)

Dr Olesya High School Goals

Q: You’re so busy! How do you try to keep your life balanced between being a wife, mom, business owner, and dentist?

There is no magic to me, I just don’t know how to say no! Honestly, God has given me so much energy to dream and create, and I really don’t see obstacles in front of me, instead there are just possibilities to change the world! Additionally, He has also blessed me with the most amazing family, parents, sisters, husband, and children who get what we do. They really keep me grounded. But the person who brings those plans to life is my husband Scott. He really deserves all of the kudos! Oh, and did I mention the team I have at The Dentist off Main? They don’t just work with teeth. Above all, when they sign up to work here they agree to have fun, volunteer, and maybe become a Christmas elf!

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a business owner in a tight knit community?

First of all, my relationships with my patients and the community! We are a team and seeing the change that we can accomplish when we come together is so exciting. We have some exciting plans for the future for our town and I hope this town is ready for that. Every day as I drive to work, I look around and count my blessings for being led to Molalla.

Q: Where do you see yourself and your practice in 10 years?

I know that my children will be off to college at that time and hopefully Scott and I can take some time to travel and enjoy the rewards of working so hard during our 30s and 40s! I really see our practice expanding into specialty care. Hopefully, we’ll have a whole community of providers and expand into a third building at the Molalla Medical Center.