Visit New Tooth Fairy Land: Reason 37 you'll want to bring your friends to the dentist

Tooth Fairy Land is a Safe Place for Your Teeth and Your Imagination

Did you know the Tooth Fairy calls Molalla “home”?

That’s right — the Tooth Fairy has her very own space right in our office at The Dentist Off Main. (We know her pretty well!) Come with me and visit Tooth Fairy Land! Here are some of the ways we’re making dental visits fun and safe for kids of all ages.


Tooth Fairy Land brings a fun, positive experience with the dentist

Visit Tooth Fairy Land for a Safe Place for Your Teeth and Your Imagination

The Tooth Fairy had all you kids in mind when she created her home here at the Dentist off Main. You’ll find lots of fun and unique toys to play with while you’re here. We have coloring books and all sorts of coloring stuff. And you can even write a letter to the Tooth Fairy! (She responds to every single letter she receives here at our office.)

Write a letter to the Tooth Fairy in Tooth Fairy Land

Do you know why we invited the Tooth Fairy to come stay with us in Tooth Fairy Land? Because we want you and all your friends to be excited about coming to the dentist. Our space isn’t just comfortable. It’s also a place you’ll to be able to imagine and create because we want you to look forward to coming here over and over again.


Fun Fridays: Once a Month Just For Kids

We have Fun Fridays once a month — just for kids like you. And it’s loads of fun! We only do things like cleanings, and send you home with a little goodie bag, too. (Tell your parents we’ll have kid’s music, we all dress up in cool costumes, and only preventative visits are scheduled.) We want you kids to have a fun, positive experience at the dentist. Plus, you get to visit Tooth Fairy Land while you’re here.


Fun Fridays Once a Month Just For Kids

Start With Your Very First Tooth

Did you know we love to see you, even if you’re only 1 years old? As soon as you get your very first tooth, it’s time to meet the dentist and the Tooth Fairy. That way we get to know you and your teeth extra well. And we get to start a relationship with you and your parents that’s fun and interactive, and teach you a lot of the basics like tooth brushing and decay prevention. We made sure when you visit Tooth Fairy Land, it’s fun for littles and bigger kids.

Have your mom give us a call to schedule so you can visit Tooth Fairy Land.(And, yes, you can see the dentist while you’re here too.) Check some more information about our Tooth Fairy Land here.