3 Pillars of Our Practice


What it looks like to us: faith, trust, support, giving/generosity, unity, encouragement, comfort

Vision: To change our community by loving people.

Mission: To be love and to treat our patients with open hearts.



What it looks like to us: peace, beauty, cleanliness, growth, balance, healing, receiving and accepting, therapeutic, preventative

Vision: To see a whole mouth, body, and spirit healing.

Mission: To provide holistic dental care with a focus on prevention.


What it looks like to us:  community, professionalism, relationship, laughter, integrity, connecting oral health with whole body health, connecting with vendors and partners

Vision: To see our community restored.

Mission: To heal through relationships of integrity and openness.

Dr. Salathe's Story

Dr. Salathe's story started in Russia which, at the time, was the Soviet Union. At the age of 8 her family moved to America, having only the five family members in tow. They had to leave everything behind, but they were so grateful to have each other.

This experience solidified the cornerstone of Olesya's life, "At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what stuff you have. It's your relationships that matter most," she shared.

Today, this value has spread through to the whole Dentist off Main team, to their patients grown and young, and to the entire Molalla area community.

It is also the driving force behind the values embraced below...

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