Visit New Tooth Fairy Land: Reason 37 you'll want to bring your friends to the dentist

Visit Tooth Fairy Land for a Safe Place for Your Teeth and Your Imagination

Did you know the Tooth Fairy calls Molalla “home”? That’s right — the Tooth Fairy has her very own space right in our office at The Dentist Off Main. (We know her pretty well!) Come with me and visit Tooth Fairy Land! Here are some of the ways we’re making dental visits fun and safe…

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Kid-Friendly Green Foods To Eat On St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Day Green Food to help celebrate St Patricks Day

These Green Foods Can Help Your Teeth Spring is on the way and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. It seems like there’s no better way to celebrate than with all the green foods you can eat! First of all, did you think I was just going to suggest a nice green salad?…

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