Staff Feature: 10 Minutes with Dani

Dani The Dentist Off Main

Today we get to spend some time with Dani, one of our dental assistants. Q: Dani, we’ve known you for a long time, haven’t we? Dani: Yes, I’ve been a patient since I was 2 years old!   Q: We must be really inspiring, since you decided to become a dental assistant, right? But really…

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Staff Feature: 10 Minutes with Mandy

The Dentist Off Main Presents Mandy

Today we are spending a few minutes with Mandy, one of our hygienists. Mandy is a local gal with lots of different interests, all of which make her a great hygienist. Q: Mandy, tell us how we connected with you. A: I found you guys through Bailey, one of our other hygienists. We went to…

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