Staff Feature: 10 Minutes with Dani

Dani The Dentist Off Main

Today we get to spend some time with Dani, one of our dental assistants. Q: Dani, we’ve known you for a long time, haven’t we? Dani: Yes, I’ve been a patient since I was 2 years old!   Q: We must be really inspiring, since you decided to become a dental assistant, right? But really…

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Staff Feature: 10 Minutes with Mandy

The Dentist Off Main Presents Mandy

Today we are spending a few minutes with Mandy, one of our hygienists. Mandy is a local gal with lots of different interests, all of which make her a great hygienist. Q: Mandy, tell us how we connected with you. A: I found you guys through Bailey, one of our other hygienists. We went to…

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Meet Dr. Olesya: Owner and Doctor

Dr Olesya Salathe Molalla Dentist

Welcome to our new blog! We’re excited to share with you weekly posts where you can learn more about our office, the services we offer, get to know us and some just for fun posts too!  But first and foremost, we’d love you to meet Dr. Olesya, oue head dentist, owner, and visionary. Many of…

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