Our comprehensive approach to dental work not only provides services you'd expect of a dentist practice, but with quality work, exceptional care, and a focus on disease prevention by living a healthy lifestyle.

In this way, we don’t simply enhance the natural beauty of your smile, we’re here to be your health advocate - guiding you through principles that edify the whole mouth and body health connection.

Below are just some of the many dental clinic procedures and services we regularly provide to our patients – with a gentle touch, and stunning results.

Procedures We Offer

Checking for more than just cavities! We treat you as a whole person, from your diet, your medical history, your risk factors and even your anxiety!  Our goal is to help you move forward and gain health through a comprehensive approach that promotes quality and beauty.

“Beam me up Scotty!” Just kidding, our state of the art digital x-rays and 3D imaging will give us the whole story of what is going on in your oral cavity without excessive radiation exposure. We even have a hand-held x-ray unit that makes taking x-rays faster and more comfortable. 

We have a variety of treatments to safely improve your smile with clear aligners or tooth-colored brackets. “Brace Face” is a thing of the past and you can achieve your dream smile even as an adult!

Don’t let fear and anxiety prevent you from achieving that healthy and beautiful smile!  Our office can provide you with nitrous, conscious sedation and even IV sedation or sleep dentistry.  We will work with every person in achieving the most comfortable way of delivering dentistry.  Once we establish trust and can overcome anxiety, we use music, entertainment such as Netflix and Hulu on custom mounted screens, Bluetooth technology, blankets and even essential oil therapy to provide the most relaxing dental experience possible. 

We screen every patient for signs of sleep apnea, a condition that affects 1 in 5 adults. Did you know that severe sleep apnea can shorten your lifespan by 10 years?  We specialize in custom sleep devices that are not cumbersome. We will help guide you through the whole process, from screening, home sleep testing, diagnosis by a board-certified sleep physician and the fabrication of your appliance.  We will also then track your progress with re-evaluations during your routine hygiene appointments.

From 1 year old to 99 plus, we can make those pearly whites shine bright. 

Out with the metal and in with mercury free fillings that are just as conservative as they are beautiful.

We can transform your chipped, broken and discolored teeth into a harmonious and glowing smile through a variety of procedures ranging from veneers made of a contact lens thin porcelain or even same day composite bonding. You can leave the same day as your consultation with a transformed smile.

Wisdom teeth, extractions and bone grafting are some of the oral surgery services provided at our office.  Dr. Brannen focuses on oral surgery techniques.

Often associated with cosmetic treatments, Botox and filler can be used very successfully in dentistry to alleviate symptoms related to clenching, grinding, headaches and lockjaw.  This safe and painless procedure takes minutes in the chair and lasts months!  We also use Botox and fillers to enhance the appearance of your smile!  Ask us for a complimentary consultation!

We fight bacteria and build up to prevent further bone loss and can even lead you to better health in your fight with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Protecting and strengthening teeth that are susceptible to breakage due to large fillings, cracks and fractures.  We pride ourselves in metal free lithium disilicate crowns (unless you are a grinder and need that gold!) that are fabricated right here in Oregon, using only the safest and most advanced materials.

Get rid of those pesky stains with our in office or take-home systems. GLO (guided light optics) Science is our premier in office and take-home light enhanced system that will leave you with a brighter, whiter smile without the sensitivity!

Fill in those missing spaces with implants and restore your chewing, your speech, digestion and smile line.