Tooth Fairy Land

Welcome to Tooth Fairy Land! Where we not only believe in the Tooth Fairy, we believe in making every child smile and each dentist experience feel magical, just like she does.


Did you know the Tooth Fairy lives in Molalla?

We’ve invited the Tooth Fairy to make her home at The Dentist Off Main and have extended a permanent residence in our patient waiting area. While you wait to see the dentist, drop off a letter to the Tooth Fairy, choose your prophy angle and bib, and cape or crown. During your visit earn jewels for good behavior, save Salathe Smiles points to use toward prizes, or cash them in for smaller prizes, and stickers.

Tooth Fairy Land Hours

Supervised Care - Moms need clean teeth too! In Tooth Fairy Land, your kids receive supervised care while you get your teeth cleaned. Contact us to reserve your time!

Fun Friday – When fun cartoon characters and superheros come to life to clean your teeth. On certain Fridays each month it’s an all-out party where the Tooth Fairy comes to life, crazy kid music plays all day, we decorate and the whole dental staff is dressed up in themed characters that rotate each month.

Now you know why children and moms alike love arriving early for their appointment just to spend more time here.

Our Dentistry for Kids Includes:

  • Fun and caring team to take care of your littles
  • Family block appointments
  • Emergencies seen promptly
  • Fun Fridays with music, movies, special prizes, decorations and the whole team dressed up in character!
  • Zoobies - animal shaped dental instruments for kids
  • Direct contact with the Tooth Fairy herself!
  • A custom experience: crowns and capes
  • Dental sealants (BPA free)
  • Free custom athletic mouthguards for our little patients offered during our mouthguard clinic each year
  • Digital X-rays (low radiation)
  • TVs in ceiling with Bluetooth headsets and video on demand
  • Sugar free popsicles after injections

Earn Salathe Smiles Points!

Patients of all ages earn points and exciting prizes in many ways with our fun Salathe Smiles point system. To participate just come in for your regularly scheduled appointments and watch the points add up! Spend them on something small or save them up for something big - the choice is yours!

Ways to earn points include: Showing up on time; Completing a treatment; Having no cavities; Having no gingivitis; Having an appliance placed; Nominating your classroom by writing a short essay (bring your essay into the office); Keeping track of your brushing & flossing with a monthly calendar, and more!

Additional points may be awarded at Dr. Salathe's discretion!

*Prizes are subject to change. Prizes shown below are examples. Availability of prizes shown not guaranteed.*

Visit The Dentist Off Main - where kids love coming to the dentist!