Kid-Friendly Green Foods To Eat On St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Day Green Food to help celebrate St Patricks Day

These Green Foods Can Help Your Teeth

Spring is on the way and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. It seems like there’s no better way to celebrate than with all the green foods you can eat! First of all, did you think I was just going to suggest a nice green salad? While that’s a great choice, there are also a lot of other green foods you can enjoy. And they can help your teeth, too. So let’s get creative!


Healthy Green Foods for St. Patricks Day

All the Healthy Green Foods

Kiwis are a fun green fruit to add to your day. And of course, there’s always the tart Granny Smith apples you and your parents can pick up from your local grocery store. Have some broccoli florets and dip them in ranch for an afternoon snack. They’re almost like miniature trees. And did you know that if you cut up a green bell pepper across the middle, it looks just like a shamrock? That’s so cool! Maybe it will help you find a pot of gold on St. Patrick’s Day.

You could have your green veggies like cucumbers and zucchini spears with some green pea hummus. We like this recipe from – it even gives you three different variations, and they’re all super yummy. Maybe you love sandwich wraps. Yum, we do! You can get green spinach tortilla’s, and if you need help convincing your mom to get them, tell her it will give you extra veggies. Pretty sure she’ll love the addition.


Healthy Green Foods like asparagus to enjoy

A Few Green Foods To Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

Have a sweet tooth? Another idea for green food mixes everything up together. How about a mint green smoothie? Maybe some sugar-free Jello! There are lots of different green foods to make your St. Patrick’s day fun and delicious! Most of all, your parents are gonna love all these suggestions because they come from your dentist!

Green Smoothies for St. Patricks Day

Here’s a recap for mom’s grocery shopping list:

  • Kiwis
  • Granny Smith Apples
  • Broccoli Florets with ranch dressing
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Cucumber and Zucchini spears
  • Green Pea Hummas
  • Spinach Tortillas
  • Mint Green Smoothies
  • Sugar-Free Lime Jello


Tag us on Instagram if you give any of these suggestions a whirl. Because we’d love to see them with your beautiful smiles! Or send us an email to let us know how things went.