Staff Feature: 10 Minutes with Mandy

The Dentist Off Main Presents Mandy

Today we are spending a few minutes with Mandy, one of our hygienists.

Mandy is a local gal with lots of different interests, all of which make her a great hygienist.

Q: Mandy, tell us how we connected with you.

A: I found you guys through Bailey, one of our other hygienists. We went to high school and then hygiene school together. She texted me and asked me how life was going, asked where I was working, and encouraged me to come out and meet Dr. Salathe. I filled in a couple of days in August and I just fell in love with the office.


Q: Mandy, tell us what happens during a typical hygiene appointment?

A: That is a hard question because it’s so unique to each patient! During a new patient appointment, there is a lot of data gathering. I want to find out what my patient’s main concern is and try to address that. We’ll do an exam with Dr. Salathe, review your medical history, take x-rays and a cleaning if time allows.

Q: So Mandy, you’re a local girl and grew up in Canby, right? And you do barrel racing?!

A: Yes, I did grow up here. And yes, I have two horses. One’s name is Bullwinkle — he’s a huge goof! We barrel race together. I just did a clinic back in October to freshen up our skills. We’re improving every month! And then I have a little guy who will be two in April. He’s just learning to get the saddle on and learning how to steer. Pretty soon I’ll be legging up! We do lots of local competitions in Oregon City and Canby. Usually 2-3 times a month. We tried the rodeo scene, but that wasn’t really for me. I didn’t like driving 4 hours just to run for 15 seconds!

Meet Mandy from The Dentist Off Main

Q: Tell us about your family life.

A: We’re pretty busy! I have two kiddos. My son is 7, a first grader. My daughter is one and a half. We just bought a two-story house so I’m constantly chasing her up and down the stairs!


Fun Facts About Mandy:

  • Favorite food: Thai food. Chicken pad thai and some yellow curry!
  • Favorite Color: I like all the colors! I guess lime green if I had to choose, it’s a happy color.
  • Favorite Season: Spring! I love to see the flowers popping up and the sun. I like to do lots of yard work- it destresses me! Plucking weeds.

Wait, you like to pull weeds??

Yes, I love doing that! I think it goes along with the teeth cleaning- must get the last piece!

  • Basketball or Football: Basketball! Blazers all the way! We watch every game.
  • Something nobody knows about you: When I was younger I rode my bike in the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride which is about 200 miles.
  • Nominations: In hygiene school I got the Golden Scaler award. I actually have a gold scaler in a box that I received! I should bring it in.


We love having Mandy on the team! You’ll find her here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can know you’re in great hands when you’re in Mandy’s chair!

Mandy thank you so much for taking some time to share with us today. Meet more of our dental team here.